Considering A Purchase?

Is this for me??

AirCut has been a great solution for my family for years but I realize that when it comes to hair, one size does not fit all. Some hair stylists go through years of training and change large sums of money and potentially for good reason - they can do what others can't. 

Hair thickness, styles and curliness are very subjective things. With that in mind, please consider whom the AirCut may NOT be best suited for:

  • mulit-layered, challenging hair styles
  • AirCut will not cut close enough to see the scalp - clippers are better suited
  • Very thick, curly hair will generally take longer to cut
  • Someone that is sensitive to sound and it bothered by hairdryers, for example

Most importantly, using the AirCut will take some practice. It's been our experience that it takes a couple of cuts to determine your optimal cutting technique. 

As much as we'd love everyone to use the AirCut, we'd much more satisfied having happy customers. 


The AirCut Team